How To Share Files From PC and Phone Using Xender App

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What is Xender?

Xender is an android and iOS application that allows you share file between android to android,  Android to iOS,  Android to PC,  iOS to iOS and iOS to PC devices without cable.
Xender file transfer allows you to share files across devices without using internet. File transfer has been made easier with Xender app, sending and receiving files between Android devices, Phones and even your PC whether Windows or Mac.Technology advancement has made file sharing faster and better  and xender file transfer makes it possible to transfer file from PC to Phone or Phone to PC. In this tutorial, I will explain how to connect pc using xender and share files without using Internet. Isn’t that great. You don’t need to both searching for cable or flash drives to collect files from your PC and smartphones. Let’s start by stating the advantages of xender file transfer
Advantages of Xender file transfer Using Xender App
1. It makes it easier and faster to share files via PC and phones either using your xender for Android or xender for iphone
2. Does not requires megabyte or internet connection.
3. Can share large amount of files at shorter time
4. Easy to use
How To Share Files From PC and Phone Using Xender App

Transfer Files Wirelessly In Xender Without Internet Connection
Below are the steps to connect xender with laptop and share files from your PC to your phone or from your phone to your PC:
1. First, Turn ON your PC Wi-Fi connection
2. Next, launch Xender app(Xender or Android or Xender for iPhone) and click Connect to PC
3. Click on Create Xender Hostspot
Xender app
4. Search for Xender Hotspot using PC Wi-Fi and connect to it

Xender app
4. Launch any browser on your PC and input the URL in the address bar
Xender app
5. Go to your Phone and Accept permission to share file on your phone
Xender app
You have successfully connected your  xender to pc without internet and you can now start sending and receiving files either to your PC or Phone.
There is no specific xender for pc app, you only establishing connection from your xender app and PC and visit the browser and login to the URL as earlier explained. Hope with this tutorial, you learnt how to connect pc using xender and share Files From PC and Phone Using Xender AppREAD 
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask question through the comment box. You can also transfer files Wirelessly in xender with internet connection
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